Undiscovered Marche

Rolling hills and blue seas, Villages of character and tradition, Vineyards and gastronomy, Historical and architectural richness

Sea, hills and undiscovered villages

The Marche region nestles in the centre of Italy embracing hills and sea and has huge untapped potential to create dreams. The area is still very much undiscovered by visitors and foreign buyers, so you find all the ingredients of authentic Italy.

The authentic Italy

Beautiful countryside of rolling hills; quaint villages with bell towers, bustling piazzas, impromptu market stalls with locally grown fruit and vegetables and the unpretentious trattoria where you feast on tagliatelle ai funghi porcini for a song. Then there are the miles upon miles of coastline with sandy beaches and some great architectural gems of towns. It has beauty, art, food and fun so the real essence of an Italian lifestyle.

The Marche offers the opportunity of creating something very special in the house of your dreams.

Creating outstanding homes

IDesign provides a bespoke property search specialising in the Marche region of Italy.

Expect success

In response to your detailed brief we will find your dream property whether it be a rustic casale hidden away in the hills; a tumbledown tower calling out for a clever restoration project to create a one-off holiday home or a family villa with pool near the sea.

We feature only a small selection of properties on the website as our job is to search for the best according to your criteria and compile a shortlist for you to consider. We offer all the usual liaison and guidance through the buying process but go one step further and create your dream.

IDesign offers an architectural and design consultancy for properties requiring renovation and a new vision. Our team will project manage from start to finish right down to furnishing your new home.


Our team

Helen Gaskell

The Creative Visionary

Helen is British but has all the inside knowledge on the Marche, having lived there for 20 years. She is passionate about architecture and doesn’t sleep until she has found the perfect stone to match the setting.

Helen Gaskell


Patrizia Santinelli

The Indefatigable Sleuth

If there is a hidden property to be found Patrizia uncovers it and then is great talking with people (Italians are very fond of long and animated conversations) to close the deal.

Patrizia Santinelli

Market and Property Expert

Alessandra Siviero

The Coordinator

Armed with lots of enthusiasm and great organisation, Alessandra keeps the project moving to its budget and celebrates upon completion when everyone is still on the best of terms.

Alessandra Siviero

Architect and Project Manager

Francesca Signoretti

The Office Wiz

Francesca is our organiser and calm inducing wiz. She takes care of logistics, liaises between suppliers, clients and us and never ever gets flustered.

Francesca Signoretti

Admin and Accounts

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